Scaling a few models

Hi everyone.
I am requesting help to scale 3 props. All the props are from the lostcoast and I have included them in the link below (along with skins just in case)

Normally I can scale models myself just fine by decompiling, editing the qc, and recompiling. However, these 3 particular props are giving me trouble. I can decompile them, but I cannot compile it back. It freezes up.
I had a friend attempt it, but to no avail. Would someone be willing to try a different method (perhaps using a 3d program)?
I need them scaled by 1/16 or 0.0625 for my skybox.
Thanks for any help!

Note - This is for my L4D2 campaign, Blood Tracks. Version 2.0 is currently out, but these models are to be included in the new map as part of Version 3.0

Got it to work using a different compiler: GUIstudio