Scaling a player

How to properly scale a player? When I do SetModelScale both on server and client, I get prediction errors when move near walls, ceilings, etc.

You have to set their hull too, use SetHull.

I do.

scale = 1.5

self:SetHull(Vector(-16, -16, 0)*scale, Vector(16, 16, 72)*scale)
self:SetModelScale(scale, 0)

Do you do self:Activate() after SetModelScale like the wiki page suggests?

I don’t think self:Activate() supposed to work with players, it does nothing.
Found weird thing:

Getting OBBMins and OBBMaxs before doing those things:

-16.000000 -16.000000 0.000000
16.000000 16.000000 72.000000

After SetModelScale without setting hull:

-24.000000 -24.000000 0.000000
24.000000 24.000000 108.000000

After setting hull (Vector(-16,-16,0), Vector(16,16,72)) scaled by 1.5:

-36.000000 -36.000000 0.000000
36.000000 36.000000 162.000000


So basically SetModelScale scales OBB, but not the hull. When I try to change a hull, anything I set multiplies by the number I did on SetModelScale first argument. Is this a normal behaviour?