Scaling DOWN: Problems

I’ve done some simple modification to GMod to experiment with an idea I had.

The idea is simple:

Reduce the scale of the player’s hull, movement speeds, jump velocity, view offset, and step size. That way, the map will seem larger than it is, effectively increasing the size of the map.

I’ve run into a few problems. I found that if I decrease gravity to 60 (to match my 1/10th scale I’m attempting), and decrease the jump velocity to 1/10th, the player no longer jumps if the velocity is decreased to anything below 135, however, if I decrease it to 140, the player is able to jump approximately 64 units, which is too large for the scale I’m working in (7.2 units tall).

I figured the problem might rest in friction, so I turned it off completely with no change in the jump. Then I tried setting air density to zero, but the problem still exists. It’s like the player wants to stick to the floor if there’s less than a certain distance between the feet and the floor.

Anybody got any clue about this?

I also have another problem. The player’s camera looks out through walls and whatnot because the minimum rendering distance is outside of the current hull size (3.2x3.2). Anybody got any idea how to fix this?

This is most probably because of the (new) movement code (and what it does). Ask garry to fix it. Unlikely that he will, but worth a shot.

This has been (at least tried?) made before, by the way. Can’t remember where it is posted though.

I think those were SM maps.

Players stick to the ground, so that you don’t go flying off every little bump in a displacement. It’s a Source issue. You’ll have to teleport them away from it in order to get them to jump properly, or something like that.

Also, this has been done before.

[lua]ply:SetGroundEntity( nil )[/lua]
After that set the velocity, apply force, etc.

First ask Valve to fix the Source displacements
Then ask Garry to fix movement code
And then you finish what you have been doing…

I’ll give that a shot. This seems to be a possibility. As much as I dislike writing my own jumping code, it seems that this is the only option available to me.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll let you know what the results are.

This isn’t really required for my project, I’m just curious about the additional issues this kind of a system will cause.

Have you tried using the Move hook to manually control all of this? If you need any help with that hook, just shoot me a message on steam.


In general, source physics get funky when you scale stuff down or work with really small solid objects.

I do believe it was M class maps.

And remember, it wont work perfectly; Source’s ‘Units’ are a set size, and you can change that, so at 1/10th scale, things will probably start getting a bit un-smooth (for a lack of a better term)

I tried this already. It worked besides the getting stuck in the ground and being 1 extra unit up occasionally. If you’re planning on making some kind of addon that works alone to give the illusion of increasing the map size, don’t bother. It’s impossible.

No it isn’t… Just think outside the box. There are plenty of ways

I don’t really understand why garry included the ability to scale the player’s hull size down when it’s buggy as loving shit with the current Source engine

Really, the only times I’ve seen it work properly are in ZS and that’s pretty much it, everywhere else it was extremely glitchy and proved to be near useless for any practical purpose.

That’s probably because everyone else misuses it.


You just need to be creative. That’s all.

See, Grease knows.

And yeah, most of the time its used poorly (i can shamefully say i am guilty of that). And i can think of one or two ways to increase map sizes (in a sense) right now. Just be creative