Scaling Huds?

Is Scaling huds like one of the most annoying things or WHAT. I mean geez, i don’t really know how to scale apparently.

I thought you were supossed to use:

ScrW() and ScrH(), but i guess not…

That is correct, HUDs should always be scaled using ScrW() and ScrH() so that it looks the same on all resolutions.

should I also scale however, the size too? with it? or just keep it the same?

EDIT: also, i do things with ScrH() like ScrH()- 200, but doesn’t that screw up anyways on resolution?

The size and position of everything drawn on the HUD should be scaled using ScrW() and ScrH().

dorfy use multiplicatoin in decimals for screen heigh screen width and position. it makes your life a lot easier. ScrH()*.5 = the center of your screen its getting half of your screens height. and its constant where as if you just subtract a value from everyones screen it wont look exactly the same depending on res.