Scaling physics objects

I have a model. It’s too big. It’s an unusual shape, making a simple box or sphere as a physics object unusable, since this model is going to be used in active combat gameplay.

Is there a way to scale a physics object to match a client-side modelscale change?


self.Entity:SetCollisionBounds(Vector(50,50,50), Vector(-50,-50,-50))

Unless I’m doing something wrong, this only affects collision against players. It doesn’t change collision against the world or against other entities, such as props.

I think you could try and use the gm_queryphys (or whatever it was called) module.

Never used that though, so, good luck.

In gmod13 there is a way to do it.

And I was about to make another request…

But I still don’t know how…

Added Ent:SetHitboxSet( i | string )
Added Ent:GetHitboxSet() (returns i, str)
Didn’t try it out yet, though. (Gmod 13)