Scaling the cost of building parts to size.

Some potential help in building a base that can withstand people crawling all over it with ladders would be to adjust building costs based on the size of the part.

Square foundations should stay at their current cost, but everything should be scaled down from there. I don’t know what the magic numbers would be, but it would balance out the cost of building balconies or extra areas to help buffer your entire building instead of just the ground floor.

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened yet and that it’s so rarely mentioned. I would love to use triangles more, but if I know I’m not going to have the time build big, I won’t bother because I’m losing space at the same cost.
I wouldn’t mind seeing foundation cost being bumped up a bit though. I see so many freshspawns start with something like a 10x10, complaining that they keep getting attacked and eventually abandon the structure, leaving a horrible wood/stone mess behind.

what does building cost have to do with ladders? yeah a pillar, a triangle and a square piece all have the same cost but have different volume/surface. its not that big of a problem. i just like it personally that every part have the same cost because its easier to calculate the cost of a building beforehand and i can plan and carry exactly the amount needed when i build something.

Because currently you really only have to worry about getting your first floor secured. For example I’ve left wood ceilings on higher floors and unlocked 2nd story doors overnight because I know the chance of someone getting to it is low.

With ladders you’ll have to worry about every person climbing all over your building as soon as you build it. Therefore the initial cost and time to get a building up and secured has just increased because of ladders. Decreasing the cost of triangles, pillars, doors, etc. would allow people (especially solo players) to build a secure structure in a shorter period of time.

Besides, if you remember the Legacy days building parts were not all equal. Foundations were the most expensive, and they went down from there.

well, now you can’t let your ceiling in wood or opened. in fact, you never could, because raiding tower have always been a thing and still to this day i can build a tower and jump on every roof.

You have to come up with a new base design. And why do you need multiple floors ? you can cram pretty much everything in a 3x3 single floor. every additional level is luxury. if you decide to have a 3 or 4 stories base, every floor should be locked. if you think “the chance of someone getting to it is low” … no, everyone with a hatchet can build a raiding tower in 10 minutes. in fact, i bet its faster to jump on a high floor using a diving tower than it will take to craft the 4-6 ladders, at 200 seconds per ladder.

Well thanks for clearing that up for me!

He’s saying that sometimes shortcuts need to be made because a player doesn’t always have a full day to dedicate to getting a fully secured base going. So you have to do it in pieces. That’s a huge risk now that ladders are going to be in and be so accessible.

It used to be you could upgrade your bottom floor and your top floor, and you would be mostly secure. Now you have to upgrade every single floor otherwise they’ll be able to spiderman up to that one weakness and exploit it. Reducing resource costs for pieces like pillars and triangles would go a long way towards bringing this time investment back to how it was pre-ladder.

It’s an interesting idea, I would like to see stability factor in more with taller buildings, maybe more cost to reinforce them.

Maybe they should create slanted roofs to help keep people off?

A bit Off topic:
I’d also like to see ceilings that cover a greater area with less pillars required to hold; it’d open up more space but have an integrity or stability penalty. I’d also like to see different pillars like broad stone pillars that cost more on the floor level but give more stability to taller buildings, but lose stability if they’re used on higher levels due to its weight/size.

Also some cultural/architecture styles to mix up aesthetics (this could be a blue print upgrade but simply for cosmetic purposes).

I agree, i don’t wanna pay full founation price for the armored window bars. Makes no sense.