Scaling Xnalara models in Blender

I’ve been trying to get Axton’s turret into Source Filmmaker, by porting a Xnalara .mesh file. But I keep running into scaling problems once the model has been exported to SFM:

Even when the armature is scaled proportional to the mesh in Blender, it persists in staying its original tiny size in SFM. I’m still pretty inexperienced in Blender, so I wasn’t sure whether or not this was due to a simple oversight in Blender, or if there’s another step in the porting process that i’m unaware of.

Now im not a expert at this kind of stuff but,

try pressing shift+a and apply scale in blender.

Why not just scale it in SFM?

Frustum culling. The models are absolutely tiny once ported in their original size and tend to disappear if they’re scaled up too high and their root transform isn’t shown in the viewport.

Well now I feel like a complete idiot. I thought pressing enter confirmed scaling in Blender. Thanks a lot Makzu!

Scale bones in pose mode, not in object mode.

I always used Edit mode for scaling bones. Didn’t know Pose mode also worked.

Better scale your turret in XPS then import in Blender