Scammed in a Trade For A Beta Key (Be On The Look Out For Kolotripides123)

Kolotripides123, has been offering Beta keys to many people over twitch and skype if he decides to add you do not trade him for a key, he scams people impersonating as a gold member that is trusted and uses sob stories.

It’s your fault for being so silly that you actually believe he was a legit trader. :v:
Edit: N00BB0Y, you do not have to be butthurt about this. It’s just the internet.

I’m just informing you that he has been doing this so that anyone else who comes across him won’t make the same mistakes as I did.

How much did he scam you for anyway?

Some tf2 items, I wasn’t to upset by the scam just wanted to inform everyone.

At this point it seems like having common sense is a super power.