Scammer alert!

Today I recently received this PM

Considering that he joined this month, and has 0 posts, I doubt he is the brightest.

I bet that’s this guy making an alt after getting perma’d for scamming once already.

Rust key, grab it while it’s hot!

Woops forgot to blurr his skype! oh well

Same guy pm’ed the exact same thing.

scamur alurt!

I only think a idiot would attempt to get a account from him.

I got the exact same dumbass, I’m sick of this Rust forum, full of people either whining for a key, whining they got scammed or doing really stupid things like this…

Sooner or later they’re going to spread to the other subforums…

I’ve bought the account off the guy, played for a little till other people logged on it. Dont buy it.

I take back what I said in my other post, people are stupid enough to buy the account.

I have no sympathy for you. Learn from your mistake young one and move along.

Holy fuck. God, why is everyone on this forum desperate for this? You obviously need to go play some different games. I guess you could say PC gaming is a bit stuck in a rut. If you don’t feel like playing something like BF3 or COD (I’ve grown bored of BF3) and you want a survival game, then you’re screwed. All these nifty games are either not available, really buggy and barely have any features, or they’ve gotten delayed 6 months (DayZ).

that is so true, well I just really wanna get a key tbh, since some people have it why can’t there be a couple more… hmm it should be like minecraft/cube world you buy it in alpha/beta and then you have the game forever… but I don’t see it happening but what I don’t know is if you have a key and an account right now? Do you get to keep it till release date or not? is it just temp, because I’m curious, because if not then I’ll wait, but if it does then of course I wanna be in the money if you know what I mean and get a key haha… but War Z is a complete rip off of Day Z considering it’s also a Mod hahaha how sad can they be when some people compare them, obviously Day Z is better, also with 7 Days 2 Die it looks good I like it, they will be adding PVP and they said they will be adding more weapons etc, just find out at their website but yeah it looks really good, same with Rust… But I guess I got nothing else to say, hope for the best and wait :slight_smile:

WARNING: he is a scammer, i got a message from another guy and the skype from that pm is the same from my pm. he got his account banned yesterday so i guess he is back. he needs to be ip banned.

He got perma’d by postal like an hour ago.

If you got contacted by another account, report him as well, because he’s seriously racked up two permas already.

just pm me if people are pming you offers for rust accounts. they’re always scammers.