Scammer - Modern-RP|Kai

This user scammed me out of money.
I did some coding work for him. Gave it to him. He promised payment. Mind you I had been friends with this guy for quite some time now.
Do not trust this person at all.

Chat Logs of just a bit of the conversation between this person and me:

| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: tell me when to check my paypal
Modern-RP | Kai: yo
Modern-RP | Kai: lol i text her 5 min ago to tell herto get some fags on way back and she said he e home in a min
Modern-RP | Kai: she

*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: tell me when you sent it
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: gonna get some addons
Modern-RP | Kai: ok
Modern-RP | Kai is now Online.
Modern-RP | Kai: yea
Modern-RP | Kai: well i want
Modern-RP | Kai: a NPC
Modern-RP | Kai: not a
Modern-RP | Kai: Entitiy
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: i have one bro
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: lol
Modern-RP | Kai: k
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: lol
Modern-RP | Kai is now playing Garry’s Mod. Click here to join.
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: i really need that money now
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: gotta pay someone
Modern-RP | Kai is now playing Garry’s Mod. Click here to join.
Modern-RP | Kai: Shes just transfering money to my paypal
Modern-RP | Kai: then done
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: i got another person asking for money i owe him
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: gotta get that brah
Modern-RP | Kai: Ok just restarting my computer
*| ? ?DamnedOne? ? |: kk
Modern-RP | Kai is now Offline.
(At this point he deleted me)

I joined his server and asked him what was going on, he gave me some filler and then banned me for the reason (made me laugh because he tried to make it look like console kicked me) “[ULX] Permanently Banned (Reason): too many lua errors!”

A lot of information about/on this user:

His servers IP:
Steam ID:

Steam Rep

Alternate Names:
This user has also played as:
Modern-RP | Kai - Going Sleep.
Kai- Need Graphics Designer!!
Kai- {OnMyOwnForever}
Modern-RP | Kai - SERVER UP!
Modern-RP | Kai - SLEEP
Modern-RP | Kai
Modern-RP | Kai - Server up!!
Modern-RP | Kai - Recruiting
Modern-RP | Kai -Updating Server

Okay, so you got scammed. What do we have to do with it? Just contact PayPal and move on.

I want people to know not to trust this user.

Well, idk if its “your code” unless you made it by scratch but other then that. I now know not to trust this guy.

Should have gotten payment first. Nothing can really be done at this point.

Well I kind of trusted this person to some extent. He screwed me over. I just want to inform you all of this user.

Not much you can do unfortunately, but what a dick, does he have a forum/website?

What’s his server name? the only real thing you can do is try to affect his / his server’s reputation, if he’s only just trying to start up a server then that won’t be hard to do and would easily affect him, but that’s only if you’re out for petty revenge.

Just going to throw this out there quick you “trade” coderhire scripts to and from people, you added me to do just that. No shit doing things that eventually someone is going to scam you.

I seriouslly regret not printscreening the chatlogs. All i got is a pastebin but (as I agree with people) it could have been tampered. Just like the above logs.

This did NOT need to go here. Moreover I suggest to everyone not to be in contact with Damnedone, he offers to trade coderhire scripts that nulify any warrenty you have on scripts you have purchased.

I would also like to post MY chatlogs from OUR conversation:

<Matt: ohai :o
*|  ҉  ٩DamnedOne٩   ҉  |: Hey
*|  ҉  ٩DamnedOne٩   ҉  |: Would you be willing to trade some of the coderhire addons you have
<Matt: I dont do trading... sorry.
*|  ҉  ٩DamnedOne٩   ҉  |: ok

However due to the fact this is not screencapped and is just pastebined, anyone can say anything about it (such as how the names can simply be reversed or in general tampered with.)
Point being though is dont trust damned one, and dont take full knowledge in him saying xxx is a scammer, due to lack of proper evidence proving it.

Are you claiming that he “trades” coderhire scripts without actual proof? Your “post” is hypocritical, and thus irrelevant. Not to mention you never bothered denying scamming him. Your response was hard to read, and obviously fabricated.

You sure you’re on the right topic? LessThanMatt is a completely different person. And his response was perfectly easy to read.

Well he does. Regardless this is essentially the same thing the OP is doing.

How is it hypocritical, please elaborate.

Huh? Denied scamming him. You are implying I am the person OP is saying scammed when i am not. You didnt read this at all did you.

Nah. Didnt think so.

Im saying he trades coderhire scripts and my proof is the exact same proof the OP is saying how he got scammed by XXX. In all honesty you shoudlnt believe my “proof”. Because it is the same as the OP’s “proof”. IE non existent and BS. Yes I would say i did infact post a comment that did make snese, unlike yours apparentlly, furthermore I would like to see how my post is irrelevent so please explain that to me. As also noted your implying I scammed someone when your putting me in someone elses shoes. Moreover “fabricated posts”?
Fabrication… What is this fucking CK2 where you plot to kill people?!

EDIT: Furthermore why dosnt the OP “show” the entire chat process that happened between himself and the “Scammer”?

Nice made up chat logs you got there. WTF have I done to you?

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Obviously a friend of Kai’s trying to get revenge in a failed attempt.

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Also why should anyone believe me, (Sarcasm) he has been VAC banned.

Funniest part is, you just just keep random chat logs? I dont think so.

Example of fake chat logs (I typed these up myself):

<Matt: I hate you.
*| ҉ ٩DamnedOne٩ ҉ |: Why?
*| ҉ ٩DamnedOne٩ ҉ |: ?
<Matt: You told on Kai, so im going to make a shit post on you.
*| ҉ ٩DamnedOne٩ ҉ |: ok, have fun

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You know what this has turned into a shit post someone just delete this shit. Its not even worth my time anymore.

Made up chatlogs? They are not. But you see my point? These are easilly manipulatable if they are no screencapped.

Point? A vac ban does not mean your reputation is worse then that of someone non vacbanned (especially on garrysmod where a vacban does more or less nothing).
A vac ban means steams automated anti cheat system has detected you for hacking/cheating. It has nothing to do with your trading status on steam. (That is SteamRep and is only used for trading steam items.)
Trading non steam essential things (such as what you did script trading) has nothing to do with steam. And thus you can throw out the VAC ban excuse.

I get how your trying to say “he got vac banned so hes a cheater dont trust him”. Problem is if you look at alot of coders on coderhire and owners of servers, they are vacbanned for some of the stupidest reasons. So please throw out your only excuse.

Again why i wish i DID screencap your post. But as a matter of fact…
I do keep chat logs.

My point exactlly. There fake chat logs. So why should we believe the chat logs you put in your OP?

You realize you have no basis to prove anything and you know you got caught script trading. NOW YOU FUCKED UP.


I dont know who the fuck kai is. I knew a guy named toshiki kai but he liked in PA. And i doubt its the same guy.
Nah im not here to take a side. Im just saying how you have no basis to defame anyone elses reputation when you go around selling other peoples crap and trying to make money off of it.

BOTTOM LINE: You have no just proof of any foul play here, your ‘logs’ can be easilly made up/false. Unless they are screencapped, they are deemed insufficent evidence.
Not only is the evidence not even well off, you dont show the entire chatlog, only a specific part of your choosing.
Moreover it seems you didnt even give the product requested so GG on your part.

Bassically your just being an idiot. Trying to act innocent and got “scammed” when you do some very shady things yourself.

How did I get caught? That “trade” was about misunderstood. I asked if you wanted to trade them as in buy me some and I buy you some. Way to look way to far into that though, now quit wasting my time.

Way to make a shit post by the way, because you have nothing to do with him “apparently” then why are you posting on MY post about HIM.

Also where is it implied of a money transfer in the chat logs given. You make no sense. Stop posting on this topic.

Trading scripts still nulifies any TOS. So GG.
Does it matter who it is for and against? You did something fishy. The point of what im saying is just that. Sorry, you got fucked. Now stop trying to defame other peoples reputation.
You said you never got paid so infact there was some type of money transfer request in your chatlogs…

Buying people scripts nullifies the TOS? How? There is no way of giving the purchase to someone else so I do it through that method.

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In my opinion there really should be a system for that.

Are you actually serious?

Yes, why?

Selling scripts that are not your own nulifies the TOS of the script. Look this up on coderhire. You cannot buy scripts and redistribute them. Again, breaks TOS and breaks GNU licensing.

I guess I wont be doing that anymore because apparently its against the TOS.

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Im not reselling them. The scripts I buy are for 1 person and 1 person only. I DON’T use them.