Scammer - syntox turle | Do not trust this user!

Hello. I am warning the facepunch community to stay away from syntox turtle
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Here’s how it went down.
He had came to my community, and offered $200 to become an admin. Me thinking this was a troll, I was in desperate need of money at the time and played along.
Success! He sent the $200 and I was amazed, he then later on wanted to purchase in-game cash, a large amount for $80. Me thinking he couldn’t possibly send more, he did!
I’ll show some proof before I continue:

THEN, he kept asking how we should transfer the server over to his, thinking it’ll get more publicity since it’s higher slot (I was running 28 slots at the time & his was 60).
We all came down to a conclusion and I sold him my gamemode for $100. Proof:

and then…

those 3 payments turn into disputes. He didn’t leave a reason, he just used a simple method by making the payments with a VPN, and then filing a dispute with the reason ‘unauthorised payment’ to show some evidence that it wasn’t authorised, WHICH IT WAS.

I cannot view his threads/posts
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Never, ever have I met such a scum of a person in my life.

(User was banned for this post ("Posting personal information, flaming through profile messages" - SteveUK))

First, you are a huge retard for trusting him in the first place, second Doxing people is bannable of FP.

We all have to put trust in something? You are a huge retard for not taking any risks.

You shouldn’t trust anyone.

There is a difference between risking something and being righteous naive.

This is why you always sell server shit as a donation. Scamming is simply too easy since ebay bought paypal.

Jesus, it’s like you’re just begging him to steal from you.

Who trusts someone with the title “If your reading this, I’m going to exploit you like perp”

We should just make a scammer and abuser megathread.

Uh, I believe it was added after the fact.

Also: A scammer megathread would be 99/100 people pissed at nonscammers for whatever reason, and a couple legit scammers. Nobody would take it seriously, and many would be banned. Count me out.

Edit: Turns out it wasn’t added after the fact. Goddamn, this is just getting sad.

Ah, well that solves that.

This only makes me wonder about the OP even more. Every warning ever created pointed out this guy, and yet he fell for it.

He did $600 in chargebacks to a friend and got his account locked.

He does everything via a credit card chargeback, so with intangible items, he will ALWAYS win.

Could we possibly get enough evidence to incriminate this guy? Send all the information we have to paypal about this guy using VPN and credit card chargeback’s to get back his money after giving large amounts?

I’m guessing posting his other e-mail that he used to donate to my community won’t be allowed, seeing as how the OP is banned right now for posting personal info? I’d rather have a community know if this guy’s donating to them, and allow them to have a chance to confront said individual before he scams, or does something stupid.

By the way, I doubt that’s his real name. He had a different name on the other paypal account.

He got banned for posting dox.

Woops, well, in that case.


I know, that last e-mail made me what too.

Seeing as how his SteamID wasn’t posted, just his CommunityID, I guess this is useful as well. STEAM_0:1:51139786