Scandinavia PVP/No Airdrops/No Sleepers and Scandinavia PVE/No Raiding/No Airdrops


Brand new PVP server Scandinavia PVP/No Sleepers/No Airdrops is now avaliable.
If you like me really enjoy the gathering and building part of the game but feel that it just doesnt add enough excitement in the end, then this is the server for you!

On this server we’ve decided on no airdrops for the simple fact that we dont want a bunch of C4 flying around. If you want to raid someone it’ll be hard work for you and your friends to get all the stuff you need to do it, so dont waste your precious resources!

Everyone is welcome, but since it’s a scandinavian server alot of us use swedish/danish/norwegian, so be prepared for that.

Type in net.connect in your console to join us there!

And for everyone who would like a Scandinavian server where you dont have to look over your shoulder everytime you hear footsteps we have Scandinavia PVE/No Raiding/No Airdrops.

This is the server for those of you who want to learn the game in peace and maybe just build something spectacular without having it blown away or stolen a few minutes later.

Raiding is doable, but it’s a bannable offense, so if the people doing it are caught in the act then they wont be welcome on that server anymore, and here as well as on the other server we have disabled airdrops for the simple fact that if they were to exist, there’d be too much C4 flying around and the raiding would be hard to keep at a minumum.

Yet again, everyone is welcome! However, on this server there’s also alot of swedish/danish/norwegian flying around, so be prepared!

To join us on this server, type in net.connect in your console.

Oh, and on both servers there’s no admin abuse, and we could use more admins, so if you can gain our trust hopefully you’d like to take on some responsibility as well :slight_smile:

I hope to see as many off you as possible around out there.


Any problems with this server?
Been playing here for a week or so, and tonight I couldn’t connect.