SCAR model where is it?!

i have a swep “SCAR” in the others tab. i have hundreds of addons so i cant find it and i want its model. is there a way to find the folder of the addon or the model itself threw gmod? cause the weapon is buged and dosent work. creators of it is teta bonita and something crewxXx so if u know what swep im talkin about pls give me the link.

Why the fuck do you have hundreds of addons

go to your …Addon folder then highlight every folder and press ctrl+F. Then search for something like Scar or sc.

You might have the link to it left in your browser. go to your browser and type in scar.

Then you might find a link to that model.

i know i did ctrl+f alot of times but i have alot of swpes named "scar’ like fn_scar and scar acog and stuff does anyone know what swep im talkin about? and for ur question whitefire cause i like mods? O_O?