Scarab from Halo 2

Can someone rip or model the Halo 2 Scarab and put it into Garry’s Mod?

Also, if someone wants to model their own Halo 3 Scarab, that’d be nice.

PICS: (sorry for the crappiness, Google doesn’t have any good pics of the Halo 2 scarab, only Halo 3 ones)

i like the halo 3 scarab better

The only way to get it is to rip it from the game or model your own. Its easier to get the Halo 2 one since it’s already on PC. But, yes, the Halo 3 Scarab is way cooler.

Is anyone gonna try this? I thought it’d be fun to have this in Gmod, no reason we can’t have it :slight_smile:

Please can someone make it.

do want

You shouldnt be so impolite.
I am sure that many capable and interested people may look at this thread and decide not to because of the way you have been acting.

Also in the unlikely case that someone DOES rip the model or make their own i am willing to script it.

i might attempt to rip it but im not sure if i can model it and such and sifting around the folder just for the scarab folders is going to prove tough also but ill give it a shot for some odd reason the program that rips models isnt ripping it from halo 2 eventualy ill figure it out

Cool, I hope you figure it out.

Actualy, after reading through DanielTobey’s posts ive decided i rather not work with him and rather not do him any favors.
Contribute more to the community. Stop Demanding things of people.


I ment DrInKoDrIvO, not DanielTobey

I’m sorry to hear that, I didn’t mean to sound demanding in this thread.

still working on it im really busy but im trying to rip it

I’m looking forward to it!

ok my ripping program is giving me a problem so i dont think ill be able to ripp it for a while but i will if i get it to start working sorry bout that but its going to be a while

That’s ok.

WHOA sorry, wrong name. i ment DrInKoDrIvO

awatemonosan I have changed my post earlier. It is not impolite.

Oh, ok, that makes me feel better :slight_smile:

Hmm…the Halo 2 Scarab. Interesting Idea, but I bet, that it could be a pain in the ass to pose, since it will be rather huge.

Better would be the Halo 3 Scarab tho, because of more details :slight_smile: But that would require modeling from scratch -.-

Hmmm, I may give the Halo 3 one a shot at some point in the future but that may not be for a month or so.