ScareCrow Dark Knight

i want scarecrow from the dark night. yes im aware of the arkham asylum models.

theres this, i guess it could be skinned into scarecrow

yeah all we need now is someone to do it. good job finding a model

why thank you…
i would try to make it, but im bad when it comes to the placement of textures on a model like that unless its blatently obvious where it is


im talking about the mask thing-bag

The sack on that guys head is the wrong way around, i’ve just took a look at it and the edge is at the front whereas on scarcrow he has the edges to the sidea od his head.

Also that model has teeth under the bag, it’s kinda creepy >.<

thats…not in any way disturbing whatsoever…

i dont see teeth


on scarecrow or hostage?

The hostage model, I decompiled it and under the sack there is teeth…just teeth, no head or anything @.@

Edit: You somehow got banned while I was writing this ¬.¬