'Scarecrow Dummies' defence idea

Just a little idea- craftable scarecrow dummy. So wood, cloth etc gets you a scarecrow that looks roughly like a Newman in low light/ from a distance. Armor, gun, even a lantern etc can be added. These dummies can then be placed on your walls, around your base to put off casual raiders or confuse attackers.

Could even be linked up to the electrics (when they come) to make them move along a track, ‘Homealone’ style.

I like the idea of placing a row of them outside an enemy base… but hide yourself in the row!

Or perhaps boobytrapped with bean can grenades…

Actually, led me to another idea just then… wood cut out weapons e.g. Fake assault rifle you can carve out of wood that from a distance makes you look like you have a weapon. Nice to arm the dummies with!

I can finally make friends.