Scarface scenes!


sorry for the blood was a mistake

The editing is horrifically bad. Your posing has improved though.

yes that was what I meant by mistake

What’s with the horrible color correction?

I can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie.

Work on that posing and horrifically bad editing, look at some tutorials and stuff.

Like Vman’s incredible editing tutorial, some of it still applies to photoshop.

Try and take some tips from there and keep practicing,if you don’t have photoshop or gimp I suggest you go get Gimp, it’s free and not hard to learn,And learn to make some proper speechbubbles, there should be a tutorial how Here.



Yall need to be more helpfull in your post.

I was hoping these would be from the origional, not the remake. :frowning:

Posing is ok but editing is all wrong.