Scariest Map Challenge V2


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Send it to me via email at: email will be posted closer to the deadline date.

The Judging works in two phases.
Phase One: The community votes on the best maps
Phase Two: The judges analyze the maps and make the final decision on the winner.

People who have entered this contest.

If i started a map like a day ago can i join?

Yes. No later than a day though.

I’ll join, i think i might have a chance

ill judge

I might have a slice… I mean I might join.

But that cake is a lie

Count me in, been waiting for horror for soo long…


Is it allowed to make more than one level? Everybody knows env_projectedtexture is a nice effect but ep2 doesnt allow more than one in a single map, so can I make like a series of maps? like levels?

I’ll gladly join.

I would like to judge. I lucked out last time and I got no ideas.

Really dark forests with secrets can be scary too :smiley:

I would also like to Judge, always wanted to for these threads but I figured my post count may hinder me and you guys may think I know shit all about mapping, I know what makes a good map though, so I’ll be judge if thats cool.

Alright, I updated the OP with the new entries and Judges.

I would say it is ok. Just make sure that all the maps get sent at the same time not individually, also make it so when you have all the maps, while in game; it changes the map automatically. (Like in singleplayer)

That is honestly unfair.

Me and some other guys participated with our maps on previous version of the competition, competition got cancelled, and now we should start again?

How do we know, that this version wont get cancelled too?

No, your word is not enough.
(you already fooled us, so we arent going to fall on the same trick again.)

I’m probably going to enter, so if this doesn’t pull through we’ll all beat him, sound good?

Falcon punch in the balls.

Oh shit, Janooba is here, god of scary mapping, I remember the first thread you done about your scary stuff you created, blew my mind.

What the fuck?


Could I judge…? :3:

Count me in. I’ve always wanted to try myself at horror maps.

Can I judge?