Scariest maps/moments of your Gmod playtime

I admit, I’m a fairly easy to startle guy, so It’s not uncommon for me to get jumpy.

I think the scariest moment of whenever I played Gmod, was when I went into a “Free Everything” type of server (baaaad idea) and the only free building space was the dark-room. So I trundled on in there, and there was a wire tool that read “better light”. I turned it on, and turned around to see a bunch of Fast Zombie torsos lynched and on fire, while a seizure flashing Gman floated up and down. I smacked, SMACKED, the off button on my computer and ran like hell.

But now that I look back, the Gman was a bit funny…

That fucking Colbert map.

Never heard of it, please explain.

Trouble In Terrorist Town.

Shit sucks when you turn around and see a knife in the dude that you trusted’s hands.

True true, but it’s still not that “OHSSHIT!FJDJFJDF!” feeling that you get from some of that startling E2 shit.

I disagree. I’ve had quite a few good times while playing TTT with some friends over skype. “Nah man, I’m innocent, come on lets go get shotguns” Walk up the stairs behind him, he turns a corner, a block falls down and smashes me into the stairs and I die. I jumped out of my fucking chair like WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!

Meh, most of the time the maps that I end up playing on are well lit, and I tend to stick to corners and camp my way through it.

When I joined a “mature” build server


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For mine, it’s not in gmod. It was in Obsidian Conflict. I joined a random pub server. The map was some kind of mansion with zombies and headcrabs. I wanted to explore a bit, I see a storage room, so i decide to investigate first. I find a locked gate with a switch behind it, probably an objective for later. So i go back.

And then out of nowhere some kind of scary ass fuck grey colored face pops up in my screen. I broke my mouse trying to click on the disconnect button.

I don’t know if it was some virus or a part of the map and i still try to remember the name of it.

The face was probably a Stalker?

Yeah, GM_Ghosthunt is probably the creepiest map I have played on.

That was part of the map, it’d be much better with less cheap scares.

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Infact there’s 2 screamers in that map IIRC.

Playing peacefully when some guy used his E2 chip to do that thing where there’s a scream and something pops up in front of you. Shit’s scary the first time when there’s absolutely no sound except the clanking of the phx metal.

“A completely new model. I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE MODEL ITSELF. I just did the porting and rigging. Model is made by KP-ShadowSquirrel over at DeviantART. (Google “Renamon Turntable”) Features eye posing, some face posing, super flexibility, and finger posing.”

I couldn’t play gmod for 3 days

the scariest part on ghosthunt had to be the random whispers in the stair rooms and the cafe ghost, now whenever i hear the talk of gmod i remember the quiet whispers and seeing the ghost in the cafe sucking all the tables away…

ANY of Nippers abstract maps with flying heads.

gm_construct :ohdear:

Jesus christ I load that map and hide in the corner with a shotgun

That Silent Hill map isn’t so much scary, but eerie.

I find eerie scarier…

I loaded gm_flatgrass and attempted to hide in a corner with a shotgun

I shit my paints that day


That’s right, I fucking said paints