scariest moment of your Garry's Mod play.

For me,it would be when you were as tranquil as shit,in your standard ZS server,sitting in some corner shooting with your P228.
Five minutes later you see yourself in the midst of this huge fuck up techno song of the devil that whispers in your ear,LAST HUMAN RUN while a clusterfuck of zombies chase you while you are low on fucking ammo with an m4a1 shooting those fuckers that come out of nowhere and you run like fucking shit but they are too many to outrun.
Atleast I turned out to be winning.
seriously huge clusterfuck song of the damn dead last human run lets run

Joined a dark rp, furry was a job…

Spawning 4 Antlion Guards and making them invisible on Construct with a bunch of rebels. They started dying out of nowhere and it was scary :ohdear:

Oh god, can there be a job worse?

me vs 10 horrors :ohdear:

the technology isn’t available yet

joining an rp server

joining a server that is being monitored by 12 year old admins

Antilon guards that get trough your barricade that is made by and admin from a server XD

joined a gm_construct and there was 70 fucking poisin headcrabs every where fucking thanks to them head humpers i have a phobia of playing multiplayer im a fraid that somewhere that guy is waiting to spawn 70 poisin headcrabs when i join a server :frown:

First time on ahhh_b3 (before I removed the head) and that blahhh mishap where the baby seemed to still be there…

Zombie Survival in Noxiousnet. When 30 teammates are eaten in 10 seconds and you and two others make it up the chimney, however, The undead catch up to the guy furthest down. When we book it to the other house, I make it and try to hurry the other guy up, but then a zombie breaks the sewer manhole under him and he goes under. I then survived the match by barricading the bathroom.

When I discovered Facepunch because of it

6 Star people on PERP.

All I can say to them is get a life.

Joining a Server that sells Admin

I spawned a poison headcrab and a normal one with sound off, in addition to some zombies but I killed the zombies and forgot the headcrabs. I was on New Worlds 2, in the asteroid base. Then I made a wire robot that would fly around trying to kill me, ala Terminator. I was running blindly from it, throwing explosive barrels at it, then I ran right into the headcrabs! The poison one got me and then I was scrambling from the normal one when the robot(it was a pathfinder and taking the shortest route to me) came out around the corner right in front of me! I ran backwards from it and the headcrab got me.

Greatest horror of all.

Looking at the old comments on

Someone selling “sex in a tablet” in an rp server.

Eh, I’m up for it!