Scariest Rust moment?

For those who have gotten their hands on Rust, what was your most exciting/scary/suspenseful moment of Rust?

I just started playing,it was in the first hour its pitch black and I’m moving in the dark since my torch ran out.I stopped for a second and then all of a sudden I hear the craziest and scariest laughter I’ve ever heard coming right next to me (the guy had a microphone boosted by 1000%)

My heart skipped a beat as I saw the 2 naked guys behind me chasing me with rocks and singing crazy songs lol

A day later when I had my base set up and got geared up I found out where they place was,one and killed the other one who was asleep and demolished their sleeping bags.
I don’t like being scared :smiley:

It happened like 15 minutes ago. I was walking into a building to gather some of the items that randomly spawn and I turnt a corner and a tanker/black zombie was there and hit me once. It scared the shit out of me. So I let my m4 loose and blew him away,


one time a skeleton popped out and i got spooked real bad

Yeah like this right?


but who was phone

I recorded it and it’s my best! You can see my mouse shaking badly trying to get the loots :

So this happened yesterday.

I was at my beutiful living place going around when it was pretty much dark and then i saw a thing on the floor. I thought it was a rook so i went there to get the minerals, just when i arrived the rock started moving…It was a fucking pig, and as it was in the middle of the night and i was with my pistol i got scared the shit out and shot around randomly on the shock, the problem was not the pig…it was just so fucking dark that it was so fucking hard to identify.

Yep, i am a pussy but hey!

I am what i eat.

I just write my failest moment in rust (or atleast 1 of the failer ones)
I just startet playing agein got 1 of this new shotguns.
I find 1 guys sneak up to him and hide behind a tree
He runs to a zombies and want to kill it with his bow
I come from behind my handguns/shotgun thing (the big one) nearly touch his head
than the gun fails he turn around pulls a shotgun out.
I jump and run around him while i am reloading
I can shoot agein and the same happened the gun failed agein
3 shot the same after that i was dead

I don’t have the game, but I’d probably be the guy causing scary moments

I.E. playing this over the microphone to people at night