SCars 2.0

Remove ALL your addons, except for this. Then try.

Did so and it seems to work again XD

any culprits? i have pretty much a lot of addons installed (17.2gb worth)

thats the culprit. basically i wont go into deep explanation but a lot of the popular addons use tables that SCars has to use and if they are mounted first SCars can’t use them.

Okay XD

I ment culprits as in maybe any one specific? but i think i’ll just start picking off addons i just have randomly for some reason :open_mouth:

content bump

I think the addon could benefit from making the cars a bit heavier, right now they seem to fly around a bit too much.

Any chance of using some sort of built in makespherical to make the cars bump around less on low poly tires?

When you fix the bug with the siren light ?

Restart Gmod and it should be fixed.

Old convertibles in Scars why not :slight_smile:

i’m back to work :smiley:

Looking good!
Hmm. Didn’t we discuss something about police sirens on some motor bike in a PM?
Well, I just want to remind you that if you want to solve the issue with the black borders
you can use this texture Material( “sprites/light_ignorez” ) in order to solve it.

Yeah we were in need of classic cars.

Now i only need an MP4-12C and i will be done!

I only have this

thx Sakarias works great

McLaren F1-GT, am i right?

Also, that works too! Im tired of using the GTAIII Infernus.

nice but one problem you fixed now the siren light from police car but i dont have the siren light off fireturck and ambulacne from gta the car ^^ xDD I hope you can fix that sry for always asking

ps: You can add me on Steam im [Gmod.biZ]Mr.Bääm


Add some middle-class cars, that are more suitable for role playing, not everyone should have expensive european sport cars.

Strangely, I’m having an issue not with the cars themselves or anything like that, but with “SCars Basic” in Workshop.

No matter what I try, the addon never even downloads. I used to have it and it worked fine, but then it tried to update, deleting the current version and failing to fetch the new one (adding the “.outdated” suffix to the existing one), meaning I no longer have Basic. It says I’m subscribed, but in-game it’s not listed under installed addons, and attempting to download through the in-game addon interface fails every time. I click “Install”, it says 100%/100% downloaded, and it still behaves as if I’d never installed it. No console or engine errors to report.

Some other addons (like Fallout SNPCs) are doing this same thing. I’m nowhere near the point where number of addons would be a problem (I only have 7…)

Even reinstalled GMod?

Yes, I’m working from a clean version in the first place. :expressionless:

As far as I can tell, some addons aren’t uploading/compiling right, and as such the client refuses to download them.

Weird. I deleted my scar gma files and redownloaded everything just to make sure and
it worked fine on my end.

Get ready for big update for bike :smiley:
I’m going to add all bikes from GTA.