SCARS - Can't find it anywhere.

I have Scars Sclim, Scars Extra, and Scars Basic installed but i can’t find them anywhere.

Looked in tools, utility, etc… Found nothing.

What’s goin’ on here haha.

Here’s what i did to try to fix it with no avail:

I deleted pretty much every single addon i got. I’m down to the important few… mainly the tools and of course SCARS

I validated garrysmod files

I deleted garrysmod local files and reinstalled

i deleted all garrysmod maps that i don’t need

i deleted all my downloads from garrysmod.

nothing worked

Have you looked under veichles?:slight_smile:

Yeah nothing there either.

I actually fixed it.

Turns out for some reason steam was downloading all addons to -username/garrysmod/addons instead of common/garrysmod/addons

Good you fixed it:)