SCars in DarkRP?

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to make users not be able to spawn in SCars. Its weird because its it totally own category, and its not in the vehicle category. So I may have missed if there was a really simple explanation, but I can’t find it myself. I think I know how to sell them from this thread, but still, If I’m going to sell them, you shouldn’t be able to just spawn them in.
Thank you for any help.

If you have URS in you ulx modules then you can ristrict sents and do the consle sent. LOOK BELOW IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT

So open up ulx (!menu in chat) and do to URS SEE BELOW


After that pick restrict and then click the drop down box and pick sents. (Scars are sents)

(NOW THIS IS THE HARD PART) Spawn the Scar in and go to consle and find the sent code LOOKS LIKE THIS "[DarkRP] Snowa (STEAM ID) spawned sent_sakarias_car_bf2m1114d


Copy the sent code “sent_sakarias_car_bf2m1114d” and past it into the box then set the group to user