SCar's in DarkRP...?

I REALLY hate to be that guy, but by any chance does anyone have a list of SCar codes for the entities/vehicles tab for F4?

Or even if you could tell me how to add them, that’d be great!



So it works with vehicles now? I thought it had it’s own odd category that was between vehicle and entities.

Also would anyone still happen to have SCar’s vehicle codes for DarkRP I could have so I don’t have to spend the time individually typing them up?

bump :zoid:

just put them into an timer with 0.1 or simmilar. SCars load a bit after DarkRPmodification.

Well the main problem I think I’m having is being able to connect the correct model of the SCar with the correct entity name. I know how to find the correct entity name, but not how to connect that with the model in the SCar folder. But I’m also still wondering if anyone would have a completed list of SCar shipments already… not trying to be a jerk or anything.

How do I make that happen?