Scars on DarkRP


How do i add scars in darkrp? Cars like TDM are easy to add, but scars don’t spawn? (f4 menu).
Or is there another way to make players spawn them?

AddCustomVehicle(“LADA PRIORA 2170”, “models/RusCars/LADA PRIORA 2170/lada_priora_2170.mdl”, 5000)

If i add it like that in Addentities.lua it does appear in the F4 menu, but doesn’t spawn. Is it supposed to work then?
Or does scars work diffrent? Since they spawn in a diffrent tab then normal vehicles.

Thanks for the help in advance! :smiley:

SCars runs completely differently to TDMcars. You can’t put SCars on a DarkRP.

Got them to work, i typed Addcustomvehicle, but the Scars are Entitie’s thats why they didn’t work. Thanks for replying :wink: