Scary maps

I need a scary map to do a co-op with two of my friends, suggestions? And dont tell me buy l4d2 blah blah i want something really scary. Plus already has l4d2.

This here is the scariest Gmod map that you’ll ever play:

It’s really fun as a CoOp and SP map.

ghosthunt=best you will get, there are plenty out there, some are damn scary, but poorly made, some are well made, but not scary, it’s one of those things you have to spend a good 30 minutes to an hour trying out individual maps to find the best ones to play

You could try the Foundonthetape maps, are not big but need HL2: EP2 installed, played and mounted to work by 100%. Posing is possible - This is a good one too.

What about those of us without Ep1 & 2?

That means missing textures and particles for you

It’s only 7.5$ if i’m not wrong

I agree with almost everyone here, But the ghosthunt series made me piss in my pants

Ghosthunt 2 was only scary the first time for me. Except Ghosthunt 1 still scares me most of the time.

Ghosthunt 1 was just simply epic. Ghosthunt 2 made me shitmyself too. Going to try Evil Apartment now

Here’s a good one, Had me crapping my pants :3