Scary stuff

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of any scary downloads on I know a few (probably the best being the “Perfectly Harmless Companion Cube” by Teta_Bonita) but not enough. I’m making some scary levels for my friends and I want to scare the shite out of 'em.

If Model Manipulator works for SENTs, try replacing the companion cube with something even more scary.
What does that do anyway?

I dont want to spoil the surprise for you if you download it. Just look away from it for a while…
But not for too long…

I don’t plan on downloading it anyway, just curious.
Edit: The upload description and FP thread didn’t give a good explanation.

It forcefully has butt sex with you.

For real.

try this
it is scary!!!

Go look up Nightmare house (NH1).

It’s a god damn classic.

It simply teleports closer to you whenever you aren’t looking at it. With each teleport it make a noise which instantly stops when you look at it. After a certain amount of teleports or when it gets too close (i’m not sure which one) it kills you and a little knife appears on it for a couple of secs.
Sorry if i’ve ruined it for anyone.

Thanks for the suggestions i’ll look them up.

Ps. The model manipulator does work on the Perfectly Harmless Companion Cube.

Good job Holmes, nobody knew that! :downs:

You can spy on it with an RT camera.

Never really thought of that. facepalm

TetaBonita was pretty smart making it avoid normal cameras, but he forgot the RT ones. Even tough I think its alot better/creepier when you dont use them.

If you really want to scare the crap out of yourself spawn one in gm_buttes. Go in the maze and run!

Nightmare house looks very creepy i’m dowloading it now.
Anyone else got any scary downloads?

try the ghost npcs in a dark room say the gm_butes u pointed out
this is the pack:

Thanks but I already have that. It’s a very good pack, they remind me of the horror snpc in Dans Mega NPC Pack Final.

Scary stuff? Not very many models that I know of are scary.
Not in garry’s mod anyways. Just use search, I’m sure you’d find something.

It isn’t specific to models, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any stuff apart from the usual stuff you get when you search words like scary or creepy.

OMFG! Misspelled title, that’s terrifying.

You bumped a thread just to complain about a misspelled title that isn’t even misspelled? What the fuck.

You mispelled misspelled.

Its misspelled, not mispelled.