Scavenge: Aztec (L4D2)

I finally got my map fully working, worked about 2 weeks on this little temple.
You have to collect gascans in order to pump down the water in the ancient temple and beat the enemy team.



Please report bugs and glitches.


Oh so very sexy.

Of course, the benefit of being one of the first people to release a custom L4D2 map is that for a few weeks, everyone will be playing that map and only that map. :v:

Wow… thi sis probably a pretty stupid question but,
Does it work in Gmod?

Yes it is and no it doesn’t.

Sadness then.
That’s a much better version of it than the other source ones out there.
I was being optimistic.

Wow, from the screenshots I can just tell this is a good map. Bravo.

It doesn’t look THAT Aztec-ish, but I suppose it does look pretty good.

If it had more Aztec Architecture in it, it would be more convincing.

My head hurts from thinking of how to do that well.

Approximate the structure with rectangular brushes (not the reliefs,) then have a good texture artist approximate the fine details. Course, doing that will only make your headache worse. [sp]I have a texture pack that might work for that though… hehe[/sp]

Thats from CSS, you fool. :Z

Propper and about 5 brushes

Man up, dudes. If the Wii was able to handle environments of that detail (Tomb Raider: Underworld, Xibalba level) then Source should have no problem.

And don’t forget to throw in a few of these as well:

Update 2.0 released:

  • players will now always spawn in the starting area
  • expanded the playable area, the roof is now accessible for the survivors
  • missing texture fixed
  • added a ladder to the abyss for infected ghosts
  • added another weapon spawn position