Scavenger searching protectron.

If you see any isolation errors can you point them out, im really trying to improve on it.




  • " Nom Nom Nom" *

You forgot the box’ handle.

I sure did :frowning:

These are great.
It’s a bit bright besides his right forearm.

Isolation is better. Your pictures have a very odd, blurry painting style to them. I’m not entirely sure if I like it, but at the very least it is interesting.


I think the way you used the camera angle is very intresting.

have a palette

Added a small bonus to the OP. Didn’t think it needed a another thread.

You wish you could nom chicken kebabs like I can, but you truly know you can’t.
Awesome pic

squirrel kebab actually :smug:

That fried mole rat is so tasty he is having an orgasm :v:
Way better isolation :slight_smile:

Squirrel? :X

Ya I know.

I like how you edit these photos.