Scene browser in NPC Scene wont work. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

The scene browser shows folders but doesn’t actually show any of the VCDs so it doesn’t allow you to change it without knowing each path and animation yourself. Basically I’m asking if someone could find and fix this problem, or just tell me how to fix it. I attempted to copy some scenes and then put them directly into the scene folder in the garrysmod/garrysmod directory but that did not solve the problem either. Please, somebody help me!

I have the same problem. Does anyone know a fix?

NPC Scene doesn’t work anymore. In October Garry released an update and it broke NPC Scene. This is a terrible thing for Gmod Machinima makers like me, but it doesn’t work. All the files are just nameless empty files that you can’t use.

Damn. I was just looking for this solution. This SHOULD be a native feature in Garry’s Mod. Is there any tools or addons like this that still work?

Crap. But thanks for informing me on why it does not work anymore anyways kiruclanz. Much obliged.