Scene Build: Island Plane Crash

Welp, a plane has crashed on a little island(s). This is muh first scene build. What do you think?

Sorry 'bout graphics, I forgot to turn them up. Will do next time.

C&C please.


Can someone edit these?

You could had used the left 4 dead airliner.

Meh, I wanted to. Badly. I don’t have L4D though. Do you know a model pack where I can get it?


Ugg, I found this:

But Im not sure I want to trust it. After all, this is the discription:

**"ok this is my first model extracke from left 4 dead it’s a airliner used in the map where you are on the plane line real cool models i needed help for the materials but Ratchett helped me makeing the materials work :slight_smile:

add me in steam “im_a_lombax” i have atlast no frineds other then Ratchett and i’m never one only have hl2 demo :("**

But I found a more reliable one :smiley: