Scene Build props needed

Hey everyone, I’m working on my second scenebuild but I cant find any decent props or effects to use :confused:
My scene is a MODERN war torn city with a soilder sitting down behind cover as bullet’s fire past, gloomily looking down into a note. (Thats the concept anyway)
If you guys could link some props that you think would fit this scene that would be awesome.
I love the sense community on these fourms and I can’t wait to be a bigger part of it. :smiley:

Thank you.

P.S I have tried props from the fallout games but they dont really work with the scenario im creating. So no FO:3 or FO:NV

Just take a quick look at this thread its got some good stuff.
Also their is some stalker stuff on the workshop.

For modern cities i would use left for dead 2, cs: go, cs: s props. You have to have the games though and have them enabled in the garry’s mod menu. Maybe you could try mass effect 3 props?

This section usually has a lot of really nice models, scroll through like 20 pages of those, and not the ones with 25+ ratings, they usually have some good props you might be looking for:

just a headsup tho, not all the stuff are available anymore; in particular the witcher 2 props

taking down Dropbox files is literally worse than Hitler

Speaking of The Witcher 2 props, I found a web hosting some Gmod “lost” addons. That pack is one of them.

However, it also hosts links related to a pirated Garry’s Mod 13 version, so I don’t know if I will be able to post links.