Scene in the dust =3

Yup, some talibs here!

is he retarded

“look at the sand guys”

At first I thought you were trolling and just posted a picture of some game’s trailer,

but then I took a closer look and noticed it was Garry’s mod.

Nice job.

Holy shit, that’s brilliant.

My new desktop

Woah! Whanks guys =3

i really like this.

The posing is a bit off, but the editing… holy shit man.

Not bad but you should have used some lights to imitate the light reflecting on the ground.

Yeah this, it’s p. compositionally sound and the editing is great, but the lighting and shadows could be much better.

Also knock it off with the “=3” crap in titles, it makes you sound like an obnoxious furry.


Why do you stop with the pebbles at a specific point anyway?

Shouldn’t they keep going?

Those pebbles are effects. They are completly plain, and there were some issues with angle, so they were in the air.

This is intense! We need more pics like this!

With the =3 in the title I was expecting a noob pose or something I am incredibly pleased that it was opposite of what i was expecting.

Curious of what map this is on

I was expecting for a minge pose on de_dust.

I love it how you made my day after that!

I wasn’t expecting anything but another Garry’s Mod 10 picture in jpg compression.

It’s from toybox. Use tag “Sand” and there will be two maps named like “Bunker blah blah balh” in two versions. Pick second. And to clear situation - all the stones and walls were built by me. From map there’s only sand =3

“Keep off the sand! You’ll wake the antlions!”