Scene of the Crime (Mass Effect)

Just a random shot I have utterly no idea what’s happening in. It’s a Mass Effect crime scene. With some N7 guy there.

Good posing and lighting, but i feel the angle could have been much better. Good job anyway

Looks alot like you built the entire scene ontop of one of them “General construction” blocks because of the tiled floor, although the use of shadows (the one being casted over the dead body) is pretty good :]

Well, I kinda did build it on a general construction floor, because I’ve got no better flooring to use. :V If you know any better flooring for scenebuilds, tell me. I’d be super grateful.

Not sure what other angle I could’ve put this specific scene at, but I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks though.

This might help.

It’s got some floor pieces.

The turian’s feet are messed up, this is how they stand:

Other than that, it looks good. The salarian’s arm is a bit messed up though and the shadows are a bit blurry.