Scenebuild 1 [view through fence, garden, houses, sidewalks, etc ...]

Ingame and whatever.


Wouldn’t have believed it was gmod, but the cars stick out like a sore thumb.

Kalix? Is that you my boy?


I hazn’t seen you since February :’(

Dang thats good, Link to the models? I want to try and scene build.

not bad
although the lack of any shadows makes it look weird

Woo, awesome again! Could you try to recreate that view on those islands from Dark Messiah, if you know what I mean… I just played that game again and it’s awesome.

I saw you using DM props earlier that’s why I had that idea.

Not sure if you can see anything here, but maybe it reminds you of the place when you played the game. That is, if you played the game.

This is awesome, the only thing that always bugged me with your Scenebuilds are how you make the ground, will you keep it as your own little secret? :frowning:

Looks great, why didn’t you add any people there like chillin’ around? Would look more cooler.

Superb build as usual but the camera angle isn’t very interesting. The build itself is impressive, but as a picture this isn’t great because there is no focus or subject for the image.

^ what he said

Maybe but high detailed cars are scarce, and actually cars are not always in harmony with the environment so they can sometimes stick out.

I’m sorry but sharing stuff is no longer possible. Also can’t provide links anymore. Perhaps you can try to find them on your own?

Thanks. Yes I have and played that game. I could try to make something DM style but only smaller areas. I’m going to make at least 2 more pic. in this year. First one will be like that but not in the near future.

Ok, here is my secret. You listening? The grounds are being made in the same way as the walls, railings, etc. Now you know it.

Yes, but I’m not that good with posing. Except when it comes to sexposing… but I’m straying away…

The focus and subject is the environment itself. If you don’t like it then I’m afraid my pictures are not for you.

Well, I guess this is a Kalixx thread so expecting you to take any criticism was wildly optimistic of me.

I like everything but the weird brick texture on the background house.

pretty good scenebuild, but the picture is a bit bland as it could use shading

I’ve noticed in every one of Kalixx’ threads, he has never responded to a post that criticizes the bland fullbright-ish lighting of his scenebuilds.

It’s not that. I just hate you.

I knew that. That’s the original texture of those props. I should have came up with some material for them.

Is there any way to do that ingame?

Thanks for comments!

Why won’t you acknowledge comments regarding the fact that this method lacks shadows resulting in lesser quality?

I’m fully aware of it. but saying it again and again in each picture I post won’t change the situation. As far as I know there is no ingame way to overcome this problem. So even if you or somebody else is going to say it 1000 more times my pictures will remain the same because this is how the engine handle it.


I remember when I came here I said “No photoshop only ingame” but then I realized if I want to make an eye-catching scenebuild I have to edit it. So Kalixx1, what exactly do you want to show us in this thread, your scenebuild as finished art work/picture or only just a scenebuild skills ?