Scenebuild Help

I’m getting pissed at the fact that I’m unable to make a GOOD scenebuild photo in GMOD. Could anybody PLEASE give me some tips to making good environments out of props?

I would also like some ACTUAL help, please. Everyone here seems to be acting like dicks to me, and I don’t like it.

Not sure why people are being dicks to you, that’s so 2007. If you’re having trouble making scenebuilds, all you have to do is spawn enough stuff through the Q menu and start playing around with randomly selected elements if no idea is coming to your mind.

I’d say the more important tip is to set up a camera first, then, while looking through the camera start placing various things in the camera’s view.

Maybe you have problems because you don’t have particular assets? A lot of people here use stuff downloaded from the gmod steam workshop community or from the modelling section, which increases the amount of unique props one can add to a scene.

Maybe you should first make a scenebuild and upload it here and tell us how/what you’d want it to look like so we could help better.

I don’t know how everyone else does it, but I start by making sketches of whatever ideas I have on paper. Simple sketches, nothing too fancy (Because I’m not a good artist, either), to give me an idea on where to put each thing.

Then I start by placing the camera first, fixing its angle and zoom levels, then slowly making the scenery, using the camera’s POV and my own sketch to get everything right. And I improvise on the way.

Really, there isn’t a definitive guide on how to scenebuild. Don’t try making HUGE and jaw-dropping scenebuilds from day 1. Also, learn the limits of your machine. Not everyone’s PC can handle over 10 lamps without some real lag.

It’s all about piling shit in front of the camera while remembering few simple words.
Foreground, the middle and background.

I’d say make something rough first, and pose your characters in it with the camera placed down. From there, you can switch between your camera and player to fine tune what can actually be seen in the shot.