scenebuild... i guess

this is a scenebuild… i guess, when i was planying i never noticed it but i thought it looked really cool and i would share it with you guys… this really was just me messing about in gmod with no aim in mind and while i was running about i looked over and saw this view

picture worthy?
i thought so
hey… considering that i wasn’t planing to make a scenebuild thats pretty good by my books.

pretty good except for some of the rocks look really repetitive and you can tell they don’t blend in well.

also turn up your graphics.

Not bad if this was spontaneous. Very gray though. I am really not the one to speak. Never did a scene build.

But I see the curve up on the train track and the village below. That spells disaster:)

With better graphics and a bit of lightning tweaks, it would be awesome.
Right now it’s just so so.

thats cos it’s on a grey boring map flatgrass is never as good as it could be

such a shame that train was carrying Gbombs :smiley:

Its nice but god, everything is fullbright and low-res…

Fullbright is the maps fault… it was just the one i was playing on at the time

next one i do, i’t will be on a map with HDR