Scenebuild Megapack Thread

• Make sure you have at least 21GB of HDD space available, if you want to use the whole thing.

• Install Compressed Normal Maps if you want less quality but better performance.

**Install the Basic Pack first before anything else! And then install the Updates in the correct order. **

install path: “… /common/garrysmod/garrysmod”



Overwrite any file, if asked.

  • modelname_CT means you can use the color tool
  • modelname_BG stands for bodygroups
  • modelname_SG for skingroups

• • • Will be updated • • •

Hint for SFM users
If you don’t want to have different sizes do the following:
go into the models folder of the SBMP, press “F3” and type:
“S0,” without quotes and delete these files. Do the same thing with other numbers, till you are at “S9,”
Obviously “modelname_S2,8” (for example) means it’s the 2.8x size of the original.

All Models, Textures, Credits belong to their respective owners. I only made the models compatible with Source.[/t] [t][/t]

[t][/t] [t][/t]

[t][/t] [t]

Special thanks to:

joqqy • DP Films • Cra0 • Squiddy • Gildor • Ekey • Gh0stBlade • MrAdults • MarioKart64n • m0xf • Karpati • Tom Crowley • Szkaradek123 • roland714 • CezarisLT • aluigi • Rantis • Gmod4ever • zaramot • Spanki

this wouldn’t be possible without the skill and hard work of you guys!
if you think i forgot you, i apologize. leave me a pm and i’m adding your nick to the credits.

Having beta tested this stuff for a lil while, I can firmly say you’re not gonna find
a pack with more varied and useful models anywhere else for scenebuilding.

Superb work fella!

Also having beta tested this for quite some time, I too can definitively say that
this pack has almost everything your intrepid scenebuilder will ever want or need.
And it’s not even over yet!

Excellent work, Mask! Glad to see this is finally up for the public.

I’ve always been too lazy to scenebuild for the last few months for whatever reason, well that ends in an hour or so when this finishes downloading. Looking amazing, and knowing your release history, it is amazing.

I have one question really… Since this is a general public release, will people like me who make comics and things in other medium like DAZ studio, will we be allowed to use these models? Or is this only for Gmod?

you can convert it to whatever model format you want. you can give credit or not. it’d be nice. but i’m not the author of these models. i only port this stuff for comic makers/scenebuilders or movie makers.
so yeah, please, go head.

YES. I’ve been waiting so long to play with this. Never scenebuilt before, but hopefully this pack can help me jumpstart my ideas.

Fantastic. Judging by the images seen, I can make some REALLY good props with these. The Flora alone would make for an interesting alien world.

Wow, it’s already Christmas.

Damm, my Garry’s mod can’t open this 10238 props in legacy browser.



Oh goooooooood yes, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this for a long time. Great job, Mask!

Does it have any flooring?

Omg omg omg omg omg omg

Just got off for christmas holiday.

Santa Mask strikes again.


What games are these from, anyway?

Nice ports, BTW~

This is just awesome!

It doesn’t have hardwood floors.

The prophecy foretold of this day. Thank you Mask! This is probably going to be one of the most used packs by scenebuilders.