SceneBuild MegaPack

I have problem with SceneBuild MegaPack, when i downloaded the basic pack first i wanted try it out, but when i turned on Gmod, didn’t showed those props (When i extracted SBMP_Basic_Pack.7z i put folder in Gmod’s Addon folder). After that i tryed take just part of MegaPack like Lab folder (i created new folder and created another folder named “materials” and i put in there all materials which is about lab, and after that i crated second folder “models” and inserted there all models about the lab) props was shown in gmod. And when i downloaded 1-5 update pack in there was more lab prop’s but when i do with those folder they was shown but with missing texture.
Maybe someone can help how to install properly this pack.

SceneBuildMegaPack’s link: