Scenebuild: They Found Him

This is just my attempt at a scenebuild for the first time. It’s all on a flatgrass map with a darker skybox. All is ingame since I cant edit for my life.

The Picture

Scenebuild view one[/t]

Scenebuild View Two

All CC is appreciated, I would like to become better at making poses.

Turn your graphic settings up, the grass looks horrible and the lightning is awful too.

dude that’s not how the night scenebuild map works. you’re supposed to build the ground too and use fog, FOG IS THE CORNERSTONE OF A GOOD-LOOKING ATMOSPHERIC SCENEBUILD. improve the lighting (it’s god awful and ugly, use blue instead of white and place the lamp better (use multiple lamps for maximum prettiness)) and please for the love of Lucifer the Overlord of Hell and the Prince of Darkness DON’T use those fullbright grass sprites

grab this

and it’s not my fault that the ground is fullbright, the GMod update broke it

Thanks for all the advice guys, I’ll use it to improve upon future screenshots!