Scenery from Rust - Enjoy

Here is fragmovie 2 - Bonus ending.


Really nice. Want your Bow skills :slight_smile:

AWESOME bowskills man. No joke. PRO ass running kills

thats that df meta

I would really appreciate feedback on Adobe premier / Tips about After effects. This is my second video

I miss DF 1.0 : - (

You fuckin rock Froxer. Keep em comin.

Thank you ;). I wish servers & twitch wouldnt be fucking around right now.

Good video.

pretty good, however we both know that those guys were really shit. theres no way against a half decent player you’d down them with a pistol, or a bow.

Thank you.

The only impressive part about this was the bow shooting and pistol fighting, the rest was pretty boring, just running around killing fresh spawns isn’t hard, or skillful, not a fan of the music but I’ll ignore that because it’s preference, try doing geared fights, more interesting to watch than shooting naked people for 7 minutes, props for the 1 ish minute of fighting with that pistol though, that was fun to watch

Yea, its true. But you need to realize I am dodging bullets by strafing inbetween my bow pulls. Not alot of people know how to do this in a way of not dying.

Sorry you feel this way. And sure, I will try to include more geared fights. I am a solo player so this is how most of the footage really looks of my gameplay.

Nice Work dude! you really showed them ! :smiley:

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loved it !! <3

Awesome that you enjoyed!

Does anyone have some feedback on Adobe premier/After effects - What can I do better?

awesome montage and i really like the music.

Really happy to hear!

Need some tips about Adobe premier - Anyone got experience?

I liked the video alot, Nice Skills, thanks for share…

I don’t know how people are saying that you were versing noobs! In every fight you were either outmanned or outgunned, alot of the time both. Great video man if you keep them coming you have definitely earned a subscriber.