Scenes with posing and a screenshot!

Hey all, this is my first ever post here on and thought I’d share a few screenshots of mine, and wanna know what you think and how you do it.

In short - rate and upload your own screenshot.

The kind of screenshots I wanna see contains:

  • Posing! Make something happen, like a car crash or a guy trippin over a bridge edge.

-Foreground and background! A guy beeing shot point blank is cool, but not THAT cool if all you can see behind them is the flatgras. Put props and furnitures in the background, I find that rp-maps often works as a nice background of itself, just find a good location.

-Lamps! Don’t make the picture flat, experiment with lighting and colors!

See you around :wink:

Go back to the screenshots forum, double click on the SIDE of your thread (the bar which the title is on) and edit the title to something descriptive. Non-descriptive thread titles are a ban-able offense on facepunch.


And I fail to see the concept of this thread.

A soldier opening the compound front gate.

Alyx from “photoseries” I made. Was primarily testing the faceposing options. Here Alyx is about to unwillingly shoot her friend on a rooftop.

On a L4D2 map, a soldier is escorting a surviving lady to safety.

Guess you can tell who’s my favorite character woman and soldier :stuck_out_tongue:

so,you want to see pictures that EVERYONE already make in ALL the threads you can see in this forum?

I,too,fail to see the point of this thread

Another one of these?

Another one of these.

Yeah, I wanna see pictures, but I want people that make pictures like I do to show me their pictures, there’s so many different kinds of pictures out there so I kinda put a request for this kind.

Dunno how to describe “my kind” so I posted a few examples and will post more.


Uhm what? Tried to doubleclick the side, but I can’t seem to figure out how to change the discribtion.

I am sorry but people are not going to line up and make you custom made pictures on your demand. That is not how it works here. You are new. You will learn.

I’m sorry sir, maybe I failed at the first post, but I did this as a “looking for folks like me” thingy, hoping people have got a fat folder of screenshots like the kind I tried to describe and maybe share a few, talk a little about em, so on.

So, you’re asking us to post our screenshots which we worked hard to perfect and edit in this thread, instead of creating our own (which we have done for so long until you came) and getting our images properly critiqued?

Yeah good luck with that, mate

Oh come on Haxxer, take a little respect on the new guy, would ya?

The hell’s your problem, I’m not going to drill you for something you’ve worked hard to perfect.

Why would you have members bring their stuff to your thread. Why can’t you just go to their’s.

I have no problem with you, man. Simply stating facts. “Drilling someone” for something they made and critiquing someone’s creation is two completely different things.

Cause I’m kinda lazy and I figured I’d give this a shot.
Kind of, but not entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you possibly NOT notice that this whole section is about POSTING OUR SCREENSHOTS? This is in its name… How did you possibly not understand that creating such a thread is completely useless?
Plus I’m pleased to see you didn’t add content to your own thread. Launch your game, install all the shits you need and post them, since you’re new, I’d highly suggest you post them either on the troll pose thread or the “not worth a thread one” til’ people tell you they’re worth being posted in a thread. Good luck.

Well, anyway I’m not gonna make you feel bad about it, don’t worry :wink:

You still don’t seem to get it, we won’t post anything here, this thread is not even supposed to be here man.

Why would I feel bad over something some kid posted on a forum

If you are, you’re doing something very wrong

You make threads for your stuff, and people will come and give comments and criticism. That is how it is done here. If you will pop by others threads and do the same is entirely up to you.