Scenic roller coaster, 800 props (video)

Bull and I made a roller coaster quite some time ago, and decided that it was time to one-up it, in every way. The result is a roller coaster built from 800 props on gm_hugefuckingocean (all water), the props used are HL2 and PHX. The train uses E2 and ApplyForce and obeys the laws of physics to some degree, meaning it will slow down uphill and speed up downhill. It also emits sounds and “whoosh” where appropriate.

I’m also releasing a track builder I made for such roller coasters, although, it was actually not used to build this roller coaster as it was made after all the track had already been laid out.

Information and download link available in the YouTube-description.


Bull has now also released the improved code for the carts, more information here:

This is the best fucking prop scenery I have ever seen in my entire life.

Mighty FUCK…

Good fucking job!

Have my babies.

Thats awesome! And that track building “tool” is great! Oh mighty E2.

GAH, now you make me want to build a coaster

Good stuff man. Epic contraption + epic music + epic camera-man = this.

and that E2 is genious

Holy fucking shit my mind has been blown :byodood:

You cheated. I’m not sure where but you cheated

Haha, well, for those that didn’t spot it yet… except for the track, the entire island is basically made out of just 2 different models really (the large stone for the grass, and the rocky wall for the volcano and edges).

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Why, do you have to be, so motherfucking sexy. FUCK.

In short, it’s fucking awesome.

My map :smiley:

Never ever ever make a banked turn like the one at 1:31. If you do , the vertical G’s will shove your body up into the restraint and either be A: Fucking painful or B: Cause injury

You would expect the creator of E2 to be good at E2. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is so damn awesome! Roughly how long did it take to complete?

It’s hard to tell really, a few days of sporadic work perhaps… funny thing is we actually finished it a few months or so ago, but didn’t get around to recording it until now.

This is really awesome

Truely amazing, great work

best coaster made