Scenic shots from Half-Life 2 made to look tiny, very cool effect

I was playing with a new trick I discovered in Photoshop and came up with this:

If you like it, I can do more scenes. The ones I chose may not have been the best, so any suggestions are helpful.

Hey, we both had the same idea!

Cept yours is in PS so it looks better than the In-game. You did a very good job with it.
(Just a tip to make it even better, try making it a little brighter and up the contrast, gives it a washed out look that toys have)

That’s the one I spotted on youtube that teaches you how to make things look like a toy set!

Good work, nice to see that it applies effectively to other stuff.

woah, these are cool.

Some of them work really well, some of them don’t.

Playground one was awesome.

It’s called tilt-shift photography.
You seem to have done the effect properly, but some pictures you don’t really work for that effect, mainly the ones that don’t have many objects or people in them.
There’s a tutorial on how to get this effect here:

Lol, I remember seeing such pictures, but its a toyhouse. I love OP’s orginal idea.

playgrounds my favorite

This ‘miniature’ effect only works on some of the pictures, you should’ve smoothed the blur somewhat more. Vman’s picture is a good example.

i like it, it looks like that travel advert forgot who it was for though :3

Thanks for commenting, everyone.

I notice one unrealistic thing about tilt-shift is that the focal point is a straight line. The picture needs to be taken in a way to make this look realistic, because you get things like power lines in clear focus, when they should be blurred. Vertical objects, whose distance from the camera is the same, are blurred halfway up,a s I noticed happened to a picture in this tutorial.

I’ve done this with more success on real pictures. I can look for some more interesting scenery in Episode 2 after Steam finishes downloading it again, and I’ll post some pictures of that. And if anyone has a picture they want tilt-shifted properly, I can apply the effect to them later when I get home (about 5 hours from now). I have a few ideas for methods to make it better.

Also, it looks like on the first one, I forgot to select the whole image while increasing the saturation, so the color fades out at the more focused areas. Whoops!

Tilt-shift! :d