Criticism encouraged!

Reminds me of Sniper Elite 1. Good job.

Too much contrast, otherwise it’s good.

It’s not bad, but yeah, it’s super dark and it has a lot of contrast

Too many visible edges, would have to be more smooth in its nature, you know there’s a liquify tool in photoshop, you can use that to smooth out edges.

It’s got things working for it, it certainly passes an atmosphere which is challenging to do sometimes. In my opinion it’s a bit too dark, and it makes it hard telling what’s lying there in the dirt. There’s very little posing going on, but that’s more of a subjective choice than technique talk. I feel most of what I’m seeing is worldmap though, and so I don’t feel 100% satisfied.

Why do people always say about photoshop, when you can do such things like that even in GIMP. I do not mean it in any bad way, just saying, that a lot of stuff in photoshop, you can also make using GIMP. Maybe just a bit more complicated, but that’s just taste of the person. :v:

what does this mean?

Did anyone else hate that mission from Allied Assault as much as I did?

i think hes saying some of the models are low poly as hell

The absence of rain in the image seems at odds with your choice of sound clips, but otherwise good job. Love that old MoH soundtrack.

But, there is rain.

it seems more like a misty rain then actual rain drop rain