"Scheiße! Das creatures are back, where the fuck is that magazine at?!"

Ugh. Go German go?

Open the song at :22 then look at picture for ze full effect meine Fuhrer!



Credits to the muscular and sexy Hunterdnrc for editing.

oh wow awesome blood and posing.

Thumb unposable? I like the idea with the cigarette box.

He’s holding the weapon in an odd position for reloading, and the cigarettes especially look out of place. Otherwise, it’s pretty nice.

Fuck. I would forget to pose the thumb. :smithicide:

Very nice, good job here Cam.

The smokes look way out of place in this pic.

Other then that it looks great.

Blood and posing is righteous. Smoke is too opaque, and not wispy enough, but I can dig it. Good work, your skills are improving.

(Sorry for the dated 70s terms, watched Black Dynamite again :v:)

Shitborro has failed all the picture

But it’s at least looks like Marlboro without that “b” that is hidden a bit

You can reload a gun any way you want.
that stamped metal POS can take a beating you know?

Then again, it’s not exactly efficient to turn the thing upside down and stab at the port until you get it right.

Screw efficiency he’s a badass.

Well when I went to have him hold the MP40, his left arm wouldn’t reach and his right hand wouldn’t angle down toward the zombies… and I was extremely…ashamed.

Reminds me of one moment that i had in COD 5: Nazi Zombies.

What a clean box of cigarettes.

sad tale ever try prop posing?

And not one to smoke :saddowns:

No. :ohdear:

It’s okay my friend.
just easy weld a small prop to the ragdoll’s hand and remember to no collide it. then instead of munipulating the hand munipulate the prop and the model’s bones will bend to your will !!