I recently opened a new server { SpaceRP (Serious Roleplaying) } and my gamemode is Tiramusi. What I need help is I heard about this thing called schemas and I really need help with it. Anyone that knows a thing or two about schemas please help!

Thanks everyone!

Basically, people sell schemas. Simple.

Schemas are the main tool to get a gamemode to work.

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I have never heard of a Tiramisu schema being sold.

Tiramisu is delicious.

Ah…now I’m not looking to buy a schema, but does anyone have a nice tutorial for me?

Seriously? I know someone who paid $150 for a schema. Funnily enough all it does is Spam “U GOT SCAMED” 328 Times…

No Joke…

Pick up a few lua tutorials, read the wiki and making a schema will be a breeze.

Wrong framework your thinking of.

That’s it. Apologies lol