School RP

So, I had a great idea for a gamemode, like last week maybe? Well anyways It was a modified version of Dark RP but in a school environment.
So I have been working on it, but I’m starting to run out of ideas, I put in a lot of classes.
So if anyone is interested in this project, or has any ideas I could put in, it would be great, if I end up using your ideas I could put in your username on the tab menu.

I want to be the creepy janitor that always so happens as to have to wipe the ground when everyone is changing in the lockers room :quagmire:

Actually Janitor is a good job, I guess? give him an old man model, that I can probably find and its perfect
lol at quagmire

Here’s a tip.
Don’t use a modified version of DarkRP.

Why not?

…what. Like, what? So DarkRP in a school? That’s it? Use de_school. Done.

Not to mention, by putting a lot of classes doesn’t make a gamemode any better. Usually you should pick classes that people actually use.

Yeah like Maths and English and shit

I’m not making a bunch of trash, useless classes, every class has a purpose and obviously, a fun aspect of the class that is breaking the rules if other classes were to do

city rp
town rp
hostage rp
black mesa rp
office rp
cop rp
concentration camp rp
school rp
terrorist rp
metro rp
lake rp
sea rp
boat rp
harbor rp
space rp

how many rp’s is there going to be.

GUSTAV! What a coincidence, are you still running your server?


You had such an awesome server, that was a while ago though

I had a modified nexus that was running school RP, it was hard enough, every body will just try to be funny and be loved by their peers, it’ll never work. Good luck trying though

buy openaura it’d be perfect

Burger Flippers RP

if you enjoy school, you should probably actually go to school.

but in real school, you get detention for raping classmates

here its risk free

Just detention? Where the hell do you live?