Schrust|USONLY,SafeZones,PvP,Tribes,InsCrft,Rust++ ,NoSlp

–Safe towns(Non raid-able)
–No Sleep
–No Decay
–Tribe system(5 towns/10 people each), work with your tribe to fight other tribes
–Rust++ mod
–Friendly admins/great community ready to answer any questions

SCHRUST US RESIDENTS ONLY PLEASE!!! Read rules below before joining.

General Server Guidelines
Press F1 type: net.connect to join. If you have “rule abiding” friends, get them in your tribe, too.

  1. You must live in the US(Sorry, this is to maintain ping levels).

  2. You be mature preferably 17+(Don’t have to be 17, just saying you should be open minded and respectful)

  3. Hacking of ANY sort will result in a ban.

  4. Everyone is an equal, and there will be no favoritism by admins.

  5. Do not harass your fellow players, let’s be respectful of eachother. If someone says stop, please stop doing it. If you don’t stop, you will be kicked followed by a ban if it persists.

  6. (Updated 1-26)A player is limited 1 Metal building (There are 10 buildings in a Villa)

  7. There will be absolutely NO building on loot spawn zones. It is selfish and isn’t fair to your fellow players. This will result in a kick, warning, and destruction of the placed property.

  8. There will be many barrier safe zones or “Villas”. You must work with your “tribe” to fight players from other tribes(No raiding opposing Villas unless the other tribe has agreed to a war).

  9. If you’ve gotten to this point, you have read the rules thus far. You have been warned. If you do not abide by the statements/guidelines please save yourself the hassle and don’t join. Thank you. :slight_smile: